Who are Susan's clients?

My work is with young adults and adults with a variety of hopes and needs. Clients are often seeking support for depression, anxiety, loss, relationship challenges, life transitions, or parenting questions. While I am not currently working with younger children or young teenagers, I welcome parents in situations where parental support would be beneficial.

Over the years I have worked extensively with families and individuals who struggle with eating disorders, and have developed a strong network of professionals (therapists, physicians, nutritionists) with whom I collaborate in order to provide a multi-disciplinary treatment approach to help individuals and families recover from the emotional, cognitive and physical effects of disordered eating.

As a collaborative therapist, it is my goal that we will work together to find what is most helpful for you.  Some folks are looking for direction, some are looking for a safe and private space to talk and process their own thoughts, some are struggling with a relationship and may even want to bring in another person to address sensitive issues. I have always drawn from a variety of theories and practices, with a firm grounding in cognitive behavioral therapy.

What can I expect in the first meeting?

Of course people are usually nervous when they first come to meet with a therapist.  That nervousness usually subsides, and very shortly the feeling may be more one of relaxation, relief, or the good feeling that comes from taking a step toward good self care. The first time we meet, I will give you a chance to speak about what your hopes are in seeking therapy, and perhaps ask you what prompted you to reach out.  I will also be interested in learning a little bit about your world, including family, work, school, friends, relationships, health, and what ever other parts of life would add to an understanding of your current situation. If you have been in therapy previously, I  may ask you about what has been helpful, and what hasn't been.

I always welcome your questions and feedback.  Each person brings a unique situation, and deserves individualized attention and consideration.


Services Provided

Individual Counseling

Couples Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Family Counseling


Communication Skills and Relationship Counseling


Myers Briggs Assessments


FAQ’s Regarding Insurance

Will my health insurance pay for psychotherapy?

Practically all health insurance policies include coverage for outpatient mental health.  It is always smart to call your insurance company and ask them about your particular coverage.  There may be limits to the coverage, and it is always good to know about copays and deductible amounts (if any).

Am I limited to using providers who are in my insurance company’s “network?”

Many policies now offer coverage for “out-of-network” providers.  The coverage and copay structure may be a little different, but it is always worth asking about when you call them.

If I use insurance through my employer, do I need to worry that my company will know any details about my psychotherapy?

This is a question that many people ask.  In my many years of private practice, I have never been made aware of a situation where information was shared with an employer.  If you have questions about your particular situation, I am happy to discuss it with you.

I accept a variety of insurances, including the following:



Blue Cross Blue Shield

First Health


Managed Health Network



Other insurance plans may cover our work together, or out-of-network options may be available.  For more information on insurance coverage and out-of-network options, please see the Massachusetts Psychological Association website.

I also accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards, and Health Flexible Spending Account Cards.

Please call or email if you have any questions about payment and insurance coverage.