“At the core of recovery from an eating disorder are self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-love. The process of rediscovering oneself has often been envisioned as the maze-like journey into the center of a labyrinth. It is a pilgrimage of sorts. The spark that makes each person unique is rekindled. The spirit and soul are reclaimed. The pathway back through that labyrinth, leading out into the world, is also challenging. Along the way it is necessary to develop new habits and strategies which will help in designing and living a healthy, balanced life.  For people who have struggled with any of the behaviors along the spectrum of disordered eating, this is a time for learning to manage emotional ups and downs, to use one’s voice to express an opinion, and to practice appropriate self-control and set boundaries when necessary.”

     “…tools and inspiration to support you as you live into an authentic and emotionally balanced life.  You will find creative ways to manage anxiety, maintain healthy relationships, follow your values and passions, and sustain your well-being. The ideas presented are favorites from the author’s psychotherapy practice, where she has been helping women and men move beyond disordered eating behaviors for over 20 years.”

Excerpts from the Introduction to Leaving the Labyrinth: 25 Activities for Living Well After an Eating Disorder, by Dr. Susan E. Allen.

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