In over 25 years of practice as a counseling psychologist, I have gained a tremendous respect for the uniqueness that we each bring to life. I have also recognized the ways that we are similar.  We have similar needs, we ask similar questions, and we experience similar struggles.  These are some of the themes that are brought to my attention time and time again:

Most people want healthy relationships with their family and friends;

Most of us are looking for a balance among the different parts of life – family, work, friends, as well as emotional, physical, and spiritual health;

People want to feel good about themselves and their place in the world;

Whatever your need, sitting down to talk with an experienced professional can bring significant benefit and help you to feel better.

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Services Provided

Individual Counseling

Couples Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Family Counseling


Communication Skills and Relationship Counseling


Myers Briggs Assessments

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